Edema therapy/
Manual Lymph Drainage Vodder (MLDV))

What is manual lymphatic drainage?
Two third of the human body consists of liquid. This liquid is present in and around all our cells. Many processes in our body need this fluid, for example the transport of hormones, bacteria and nerve impulses. It is important that this moisture is in an optimal condition to create a good living environment for our cells. The lymphatic system plays an important role in this. Lymphatic drainage is a normal process, which can be disrupted by illness, stress or an accident, for example. In this case, the therapist can stimulate lymphatic drainage manually.

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The treatment:
Manual lymph drainage is a form of massage in which soft circles on the lymph nodes and lymphatic lanes are made. This allows visible and invisible accumulations of moisture to be transported better and faster through the lymphatic system. The massage can be supported with lymph taping, bandaging and exercise therapy. In addition, this treatment will have a positive influence on immunity and stress levels. Treatment will always start with the basics, namely the lymph nodes of the neck. From there, work will be carried out in about 4 treatments to the affected area.

Which complaints can an edema therapist / MLDV therapist treat, among other things?
       – Edema:
               – Lymphedema
               – Certain forms of venous edema
               – Lip edema
       – Swelling after an accident or operation
       – Blood sheds
       – Migraine
       – Complaints that are caused or have to do with stress:
               – Headache
               – Insomnia
               – Concentration problems
               – Problems with bowel movements

Source acknowledgment: www.mldv.nl