First Appointment

You do not need a doctor’s referral to consult a physiotherapist. The physical therapist is directly accessible.

Direct registration, screening

If you do not have a referral, we will take about ten minutes to first assess whether you have come to the right place with your complaint, the so-called screening. In a conversation we assess whether there is an indication for physical therapy treatment. After this conversation, there are a number of options in consultation with you:

If we choose for treatment, we will proceed to a physiotherapeutic examination, such as in the paragraph “registration after referral”. In most cases this is directly following the screening.

Registration after referral

If you make an appointment with us after you have been referred to us by a doctor, we will schedule half an hour for you. First there is a conversation in which you can explain the complaint to the musculoskeletal system. We also try to find out the cause of the movement/health problem. After that an examination will take place to analyze even better. We will sometimes also ask to show movements in daily life, work or sport. You will receive an explanation of the problems found and a treatment proposal, which will be started after consultation with you. In most cases a start is made in the first session, but the first complete treatment will only take place during the follow-up appointment. Follow-up appointments usually last also half an hour.

The following treatments

In the following treatments, the progress is always considered. Based on this, a possible adjustment of the therapeutic approach will take place. If additional research is needed or we think it is necessary for a specialist to make a further diagnosis, then we will discuss those options with you and your doctor.

The frequency and length of the treatment series depend on the health problem, the progress and your general condition. We always strive for an optimal result in the lowest possible number of treatments. Your own commitment is also an important factor in this. Because in addition to the treatments in practice, daily exercises are important to support the process.

After concluding a treatment series, we will send a report to your doctor if you agree to this.