Our goal

Pain or movement issues are the most common complaints within the practice. These complaints can be the result of a trauma, a surgery, an overload or a creeping start. In the event of a trauma or after an operation, the cause and effect are often easy to identify. In the other two cases it is often more difficult to find out why the body protests or no longer functions properly.

Our goal is to let you move pain-free in a limited number of treatment sessions. This with the help of manual treatment, exercises and training. In addition, we want to support the healing with a bit of knowledge about the origin and recovery of movement complaints.

Mobilization techniques

With our mobilization techniques we try to influence the movements directly in the joint. Manual therapists can use a manipulation technique and a number of physical therapists have opted to mobilize using the so-called Dam method. DAM stands for Three-dimensional Arthrokinematic Mobilization Techniques, where three-dimensional indicates the possible directions of movement, Arthrokinematic stands for movements in the joint, and mobilization speaks for itself. This way of moving is a very calm and non-stressful method for the patient that is very closely related to manual therapy.