Healthcare Centre De Kroon

The practice is located in the De Kroon Healthcare Center. It is located in the new residential area Keijzershof on the south side of Pijnacker. The building where De Kroon is housed is part of the Weidevogelhof residential complex. In addition to physical therapy, the healthcare center also has practices for general practitioners, dentists, pelvic physiotherapist and pharmacy. The entrance to the healthcare center is on the side of the parking lot.


Keijzershof pharmacy
Floralaan 2
2643 HC Pijnacker

Pelvic physiotherapist Pijnacker-Nootdorp
Floralaan 6
2643 HC Pijnacker

Dentists Practice Pijnacker
Floralaan 8
2643 HC Pijnacker

General Practice Tolhek
Floralaan 12
2643 HC Pijnacker

General Practice Keijzershof
Floralaan 14
2643 HC Pijnacker