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Make an appointment

You can always call us, but preferably in the morning, you will get José or Jessica on the phone.
She can schedule appointments and change them in the agendas of all physical therapists.
If you call for an appointment, we aim to treat you within 2 working days!


    These rates only apply to treatments that are not covered by the insurance.

    You will be charged for any missed appointment and not canceled 24 hours in advance.


    www.defysiotherapeut.com For general information about Physical therapy in the Netherlands.
    www.nvmt.nl For general information about Manuel therapy in the Netherlands.
    www.nvfk.nl For general information about pediatric physical therapy.
    www.orthopedie.nl For information about disfunction of joints.
    www.sensomotorische-integratie.nl For information about developmental disorders. (Child physical therapy)
    www.dryneedling.nl For information about dry needling
    www.keurmerkfysiotherapie.nl For information about Keurmerk Fysiotherapie
    www.claudicationet.nl For information about the treatment of claudication intermittens


    www.defysiotherapeut.com Meer informatie over Fysiotherapie in Nederland.
    www.nvmt.nl Meer informatie over Manueletherapie in Nederland.
    www.nvfk.nl Meer informatie over Kinderfysiotherapie.
    www.orthopedie.nl Meer over aandoeningen aan het bewegingsaparaat.
    www.sensomotorische-integratie.nl Meer informatie over Kinderfysiotherapie.
    www.dryneedling.nl Meer informatie over Dry-needling
    www.keurmerkfysiotherapie.nl Meer informatie over het Keurmerk Fysiotherapie
    www.claudicationet.nl Meer informatie over de behandeling van etalagebenen