Summer 2020 is a special time, in which more people than ever have stayed in the Netherlands and we as a physiotherapy practice worked harder than other summers to be able to absorb the so-called “deferred care”. Yet some people have also been abroad, and we hope they had a nice holiday.

What if you have been on vacation in an “orange” or “red” area?

If you – chosen or not yourself – have been in a Corona risk area, the government rule is that you go into quarantine for 10 days. Because we want to keep the risk of contamination as small as possible for both employees and other patients, this means that you are not welcome in the health center / physiotherapy practice during this quarantine time and we ask you for a possible. to postpone an appointment that has already been made to a later time or to change it into a video consultation. Even if you have no complaints. 015-3807831 /

The current travel advice and color codes per country can be found on the website of the Netherlands worldwide:

Only together can we get Corona under control. We rely on your cooperation and understanding.

Physiotherapy has been starting up to almost normal for 4 weeks already.

Since 4 May we have been allowed to treat more people again. And with all the measures that have been taken to make this possible in a safe way, that works fine. All individual treatments in the rooms are done in the way you are used to from us. The treatments in the exercise room and the group treatments deviate, i.v.m. keeping the risk of infection as low as possible in an appropriate way.

In recent months, several physiotherapists have been tested for Corona for a cold and fortunately all negative. She will have to miss a few working days while waiting for the results, but safety first. Fortunately, access to the test lanes for healthcare employees has now been shortened so that agendas have to be moved less often

A new guideline has been drawn up in consultation with the government so that your safety is guaranteed as much as possible when you visit the physiotherapist. There are extra precautions such as asking to arrive exactly on time, separate entrances and exits in the center, different appointment times per therapist and washing your hands at the start and bringing extra towels with you.

In the meantime, the infection rate in the region has increased to such an extent that we ask you to enter the health center with a mouth mask and to stop this even where the one and a half meter rule cannot be realized.

We can offer almost all the help you are used to from us again:

  • For all your questions about your exercise problems, you can contact all our physiotherapists individually by email (see contact page on this site) or – generally – by phone: 015-3807831. Or E-mail
  • You can also make an appointment for a treatment in practice again; however, despite the fact that 90% of the patients return to normal practice, it is possible that the physiotherapist may decide that for your situation it can also be done via video consultation. This can be for your safety (risk groups) or that the complaint that you indicated at the intake can be properly dealt with with an online conversation, observation and advice. A video consultation is via a connection specially secured for healthcare.
  • We can support you with various forms of exercise therapy through our exercise program by email. Control and adjustment thereof will then take place via video.

For all your questions, we are also available all day by phone from Monday to Friday.

In the coming weeks there may always be changes in what is possible or what is allowed. Changes can be imposed by the government, RIVM or from ourselves. We will report this on our website and facebook page.

Information Coronavirus

It seems that the corona virus in our environment is declining and the number of new reports in Pijnacker is zero, but we continue to adhere strictly to all protocols to prevent transmission of the virus. Where we or you find it safer to use protective masks, masks or other protective material, this will continue to be the case for the time being. The aim always remains as far away as possible and use of material upon closer contact.

Using your own towels, we and you as a patient wash extra hands and we continue to persistently clean the rooms in all places and exercise materials that have been touched.

You can expect from our therapists:

  • That they do not work if they have (cold or flu) complaints themselves.
  • That they respect the meter and a half as much as possible. Unless the treatment requires more contact.
  • That they use Personal Protective Equipment if you or they deem it necessary.
  • That they wash their hands even more often than they already do. This has nothing to do with your hygiene, but with your safety.
  • That they clean the treatment bench, chair, material used, door handles after each treatment with a disinfectant and instead of the normal sofa covers, only use the towels that you have brought with you. The treatment time will therefore be slightly shorter than usual.
  • That they clean the equipment and equipment in the exercise room after each use.
  • That they proceed to a telephone / video treatment if this is desired. For example, because you cannot come or because you belong to a risk group.
  • That they ask each patient upon arrival about their health and that of their environment.

What do we expect from our patients today:

  • That you do not come to the practice when you have a cold, cough, sore throat – with or without fever. In this case, call the practice and discuss whether a telephone or video appointment can be scheduled for the time you have the appointment.
  • That you bring two towels, one large for the treatment couch and one to cover and / or dry your hands.
  • That you wash your hands when you enter our treatment room and that you dry them with the towel you brought with you. This also has nothing to do with your hygiene, but with your and our safety.
  • That you answer the “triage” questions about your health honestly, for the safety of all patients after you and the health center workers.
  • In order to keep the waiting rooms in the center as quiet as possible, all physiotherapists have varying treatment start times, we ask you to arrive at exactly the right time.

Child physiotherapy opens step by step

Just like the adults, the children can also be treated in practice. The same measures with regard to hygiene also apply here.

In most cases, parents will be asked to wait outside the health center or allow the child to come alone. In very small children or in special cases, a maximum of 1 parent may be present during treatment, at an appropriate distance and only if this can be done safely.

We also ask you to bring your child at exactly the agreed time and if possible not to enter the health center yourself. If you also have to come in yourself to bring the child or want to have contact with the therapist, we ask you to leave the health center as soon as possible and only to come and collect your child after the treatment.

The health center should not be entered for a cold, sore throat, cough and / or fever. If your child falls ill on the day of treatment or if someone in the family has a fever, we ask you to call the treatment in practice or convert it into a video consultation.

Rehabilitation after Covid-19

Together with an occupational therapist, psychologist and speech therapy, a multidisciplinary collaboration has been set up to guide Corona patients in their rehabilitation after their illness. In the meantime, it has turned out that guidance is often badly needed in this regard. Thanks to the collaboration, attention can also be paid to all areas to get back fit as quickly and as well as possible.

In most cases, the intake goes through physiotherapy, after which the other disciplines are involved later. With us, Natasja de Jong and Shaylene Rutten (both always involved in pulmonary rehabilitation and COPD patients) have further specialized in rehabilitation after Covid-19.

You can make an appointment by telephone, after which the first contact will also take place via telephone or video calling.