Physical therapy for cancer
(Physical therapy and oncology)

If you have to undergo cancer treatment, or have undergone it, you are probably not thinking about maintaining your condition. Yet it makes sense to do so. Research has shown that it has many advantages to follow a specially developed training program before, during and after cancer treatment. Many people find that despite the often stressful cures they can still improve in strength and condition.

More about physical therapy for cancer

At “De Fysiotherapeut Pijnacker-Zuid” there is the possibility to train during or after the cancer treatment with a specially trained physiotherapist (three-year Master’s degree).

Advantages of training during medical treatment:
       – Maintaining fitness and muscle strength
       – Fewer complaints of nausea, tiredness, or pain
       – Better toleration of chemotherapy and a lower risk of drop out of treatment
       – Faster and more return to work after treatment

Advantages of training after the end of medical treatment:
       – Faster recovery of fitness and muscle strength
       – Faster recovery from fatigue
       – Resume daily activities faster

What are other reasons to visit our oncology and / or edema physiotherapist:
Shaylene Rutten and Natasja de Jong, respectively.
       – Stress complaints
       – Pain
       – Stiff scar tissue
       – Skin changes
       – Lymphedema
       – Joint complaints / mobility
       – Respiratory complaints
       – Less muscle strength
       – Condition loss
       – Fatigue
       – Resumption of work

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