Claudication complaints

Reduction of the walking distances caused by pain in the calves is often caused by a reduced flow of blood vessels in the legs. This complaint can be redressed by means of a special walking training supplemented with different types of exercises. Physiotherapists who are affiliated with Claudicationet are trained for this.

More about Claudication complaints

ClaudicatioNet is a nationwide network of healthcare providers specialized in the treatment of patients with Peripheral artery disease (PAD). ClaudicatioNet strives for transparent, efficient and high-quality care for these patients. For this, ClaudicatioNet works together with various professional and patient associations.

ClaudicatioNet therapists offer supervised walking therapy to patients with PAD and distinguish themselves by guiding patients in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The quality of the treatment is guaranteed by a set of additional quality conditions that ClaudicatioNet therapists meet. In this way, the best, conservative care is available for every patient with PAD in the Netherlands.